Alla – Alla Me

Playful girls who flirt with the camera are some of the most rewarding to work with. With Alla, it doesn’t end there. She punctuates her poses with both soulful sensuality and sheer erotic excitement. Her latest series exposes all the essential Alla features that make her one of the most consistently entertaining models to work with….and enjoy!

Alla & Lidija – Friends

“Ahem, are we interrupting something here?” Nude models who also happen to be friends bring a natural, sexy sort of intimacy when photographed together. Not all girls have this kind of chemistry when sharing a scene, but friends usually do. Remember Lika and Ellie, Vika and Maria, Maria and Kamilla, Alisa and Karine? Nata & Alisa? Alla and Lidija continue the MPL tradition that good friends make great posing partners!