Amelie – Banya

To Westerners, the not-so-traditional Russian bathhouse offers a strange mix of private services. Part spa, part gentleman’s club, ‘banya’ is a unique experience wherever you’re from. Some provide a strictly traditional Russian sauna experience: steam rooms, hot pools, and icy baths. Others offer all that, plus massage, fantasy rooms, and additional services for business travelers and its more wealthy clientele. Where else would you find a soaking pool with a mirrored ceiling? By day, the bathhouses are mostly quiet places offering excellent private, locations for shooting models such as Amelie.

Amelie – Private Pleasure

Amelie provides such an intimately close, interactive experience when she poses. You often feel as if you’re right there in the room with her. Amelie is a romantic. She likes to flirt with the camera. For today’s series, she picked a see thru black negligee to quickly get you in the mood for more naked things to come.