Anya – Anya’s Collectors Cut: 8

Much of Anya’s early work is characterized by intense “eyes to camera” focus and concentration. You see the power of her stare…how she engages the viewer and then smiles warmly with her eyes. This time re revisit a hillside whose underbrush is thick with the greens and yellows of summer, the perfect amount of privacy for a budding model of exceptional beauty and color.

Anya – Anyas Collectors Cut

Since Anya began her legendary run at MPL Studios, she has always been a girl of instant attraction. There’s a certain magnetism about Anya that sets her apart from other girls. There’s her natural, unspoiled beauty, sure, but there’s something more. There’s a charismatic charm that’s not easily defined. It’s the type of thing which fantasies are made of…and legends are born.

It’s hard to imagine a girl whose beauty is more raw, natural, and pure as Anya’s. She is both soulful and romantic. In her latest Collector’s Cut, you can almost feel the gentle caress of the breeze on Anya’s skin and the warmth of the sun shining down from above. Land or sea, Anya is nature’s princess.