Bianca – Touch of Class

For indoor shooting, ambiance is key. One way to create ambiance is through lighting. For that, Alexander Fedorov is a master. With light and shadow under control, a romantic mood suddenly fills the room. Wearing a skimpy black dress and matching fishnet garters the scene is set for Bianca to create her feminine magic.

Bianca – Mountain of Love

Whether or not a model is chosen for MPL work has a lot to do with her ability to keep it real. Although fantasy is a huge part of enjoying nude art, a model’s portrayal as a real life, healthy, beautiful young woman that drives our fantasies and boosts our appreciation. Take Bianca for example. You see how she looks. You see how she dresses. Bianca seems real. You can easily imagine her as a fit young hiking companion, walking the trails on a warm summer day. When Bianca undresses to reveal the goddess within, fantasy takes a pleasantly erotic turn.

Bianca – Bedazzled

Bianca’s nickname is “Diamond”. For a long time she’s dreamed of finding her fame and fortune in sunny SoCal. Bianca will proudly tell you she not only has her Ukrainian driver’s license, she has her own car. Los Angeles, however, is a long way from Kiev, so for now Bianca is staying put. That’s good news. We don’t want Bianca driving off into the sunset anytime soon!

Bianca – Proposition

To be propositioned by the likes of Bianca, or any Studio Girl for that matter, would be flattering to say the least. This fantasy begins with an elegant, yet provocatively, dressed Bianca. If her sleek, sexy glance isn’t enough to grab your attention, her form fitting, peek-a-boo, party dress will. Where things progress from there you’ll have to find out for yourself.

Bianca – Helpless Romantic

If romance is the path to true and everlasting love, then men will be knocking at Bianca’s door with flowers in hand after viewing her latest MPL series. This is Bianca’s first collaboration with MPL lensmaster Alexander Fedorov…also known to be a bit of a romantic himself. Get ready for a long and sleepless night. Bianca has awakened from her slumber!