Camille – Camille’s Collectors Cut: 3

A virgin maiden? A peasant princess? A Russian girl’s sexual awakening? Camille can symbolize all that and more. Natural and pure, Camille possesses those rare, unspoiled qualities that elevate her photo sets to a higher level. Much more than just a model participating in a photo shoot, Camille’s work is about both revelation and self discovery….for her and for those fortunate enough to enjoy her photos.

Camille – Camille’s Collectors Cut: 2

Being sweet and innocent was never an act for Camille. Her inexperience as a model made her that much more endearing and captivating to her growing legions of fans. The learning curve was steep for Camille, but she jumped right in and gave it her best, making each shoot better than the previous one. Words can’t express the delectable nuances of Camille’s body. It’s best to just flip through her photos and absorb all she has to offer!

Camille – Camille’s Collectors Cut: 1

Camille has always had a special attraction to MPL members. By far, the largest collection of Camille’s work is found in her MPL portfolio. Camille made her internet debut here in January 2007 and worked exclusively under MPL’s roof for the majority of her short career. So what happened to Camille? Eager to return to a quiet, private life with her family, Camille retired early. Many members have written to say that super sweet Camille is worthy of a Collector’s Cut series too. We couldn’t agree more. And so it begins today with a collection of previously unpublished photos from Camille’s debut series, all in 3000 resolution.