Chloe – Pizazz

Chloe has had three or four different hair styles since she began modeling for MPL Studios. This year she’s gone with a shorter, sassier look. A new hair style is just one way Chloe likes to keep things fresh and interesting in her life. The other way is through modeling. Her latest work has both color and pizazz…perfect compliments to her no holds barred style of posing.

Chloe – Draped in Satin

Chloe has great range for a nude model. She can size up a scene and orchestrate a mood to compliment her surroundings perfectly. That “mood” can be anywhere from an explicitly sexual indoor scene to the peaceful tranquility of an outdoor scene. Variety in erotic posing is the spice of life.

To fun-loving Chloe, having a good time comes easy. It’s what keeps her series fresh and easy to connect with. Her latest series is essentially Chloe: soft, satiny smooth, a little bit cheeky, and a whole lot sexy.