Helena – Neva More

Shooting nudes in public, outdoor spaces isn’t as easy as it sounds, at least not in Russia. In St. Petersburg, it means getting the shots early in the morning to avoid the watchful eye of the police and the steep fines they impose if they catch you. Fortunately, Fedorov understands protocol and is cautious like an old fox. This Helena series was taken early in the morning when the city is still sleeping and the police are least likely to hassle you.

Helena – Modern Nude

Traditional nudes with a modern twist…that’s the brilliance of Fedorov. What makes his nudes especially modern? The female body to Fedorov is both sensual and sexual. There is a life force and a vitality that brings the nude to life. By allowing eye contact and emotion into his work, the nude is not just an abstract form, it is an intimate, personal portrayal of each girl depicted.