Kalista – Hidden Away

The gritty, abandoned warehouse in this set offered both privacy and some interesting lighting options for Kalista’s second set.
The textures and muted tones in such derelict surroundings provide a superb backdrop for photographing the soft nuances of the female form. Kalista responded especially well to the challenge of working in such a desolate, empty space.

Kalista – Up Front

Testing new models is an important part of MPL’s casting process. Occasionally, a girl as bubbly and effervescent as Talia shows up and immediately you have a good feeling about her. Other times, model testing has more uncertain results. Some girls get invited to a test shoot. Others simply don’t have what it takes to captivate in front of the camera. The girls that do make it to a test shoot put themselves out there for members to decide. Kalista is an all new model. Does she have what it takes?