Alisa & Karine – The Intern

Alisa and Karine’s 4th photo scene together takes place in a narrow pass-through leading to a small office area. This is no ordinary workplace, however. Sitting at the desk, Karine anxiously waits for her assistant to arrive. In this office, an intern performs a variety of duties, none more pleasurable than the intimate encounter both are about to experience together.

Karine – Chess

You realize just how incredible Karine’s body is when you see her in a tight dress. From the top down, Karine has an exquisite physique, one that’s tight, smooth, and curvaceous in all the right places. In order to fully appreciate those curves, however, we also want to see what’s under the dress too! For that, Karine offers plenty of naked perspectives as well.

Karine – Mellow Yellow

Although Karine may best be known for her super sexy encounters with MPL sweetheart Alisa, she is no stranger to the art of solo seduction. With age comes experience. At 25, Karine can definitely hold her own in all styles of nude art. This year, she’s looking sexier than ever!

Karine’s laid back, easy going style follows her wherever she goes. This time Karine appears in the studio wearing a brightly colored yellow, form fitted dresses. With a figure like hers, Karine looks incredible in clothes as well as out of clothes. Happily, she’s willing to let you have a good peek both ways.