Lana – Castle Walls

It’s not hard to find reminders of past empires scattered throughout the countryside and along waterways outside of St. Petersburg. The big imperial palaces, like Pushkin and Peterof are meticulously maintained. There are others that are older and more utilitarian, small cobbled fortresses dating back to the Middle Ages and earlier. Many, such as this one Lana is posing next to, have long been forgotten by most and fallen into ruin. All make for great locations while photographing the ever beautiful girls of Russia.

Lana – Ruah

Lana, a fresh beautiful eighteen year old. Her sweet, friendly face and bright, upbeat smile made a lasting impression from the start. Complimenting Lana’s pretty face is a long, lean body, nicely toned, with plenty of smooth feminine curves.

It was the kind of blustery beach day we’ve all experienced…a steady onshore breeze, filtered sun ducking in and out of clouds streaking across the sky. One minute you’re warm. The next minute you’re cold. It’s a typical summer day on the Gulf of Finland. Lana is one of the few willing to brave the elements on this windswept Russian shore.