Lida – The Pearly Gates

You may think you’ve died and gone to heaven when you are greeted by angelic Lida in her second MPL series. Models love the thought of being photographed in angel wings, thanks to Tiara, Naomi, Heidi, and Giselle. They were some of the first models to walk the runway in angel wings, thanks to a certain lingerie company that created and popularized the look.

Lida – Time for Love

Lida is a tall, nineteen year old newcomer from St. Petersburg. The timing for her debut couldn’t be better. Lida says she’s definitely ready to test the waters and see what happens next. Working with enthusiastic young models is as exciting for us as it is for them. They get to try something they’ve always been curious about; we get to draw from the youthful energy they bring. We hope you enjoy all Lida has to offer!