Maria – Sweet Destiny

Maria - Sweet Destiny

Maria’a love for modeling and self expression has resulted in a body of work any model would be proud of. How does Maria keep it fresh and interesting for herself? She works with a gifted photographer in Alexander Fedorov. He keeps Maria challenged and on her toes. Fedorov “discovered” Maria by first working with her sister, Paulina. She introduced him to her and the rest is history.Their latest endeavor is Sweet Destiny.

Maria – X Factor

Although Maria’s posing style is predominantly artistic and sensual, there’s no denying the undercurrent of sexual energy implied in some of her work. Maria prefers to let fantasy take over where her posing leaves off. She is, however, more than willing to give you the inspiration needed to make a Maria fantasy something to remember.

Maria – Tip Toe

Tip Toe is a great set for showing off Maria’s incredible legs. Smooth, toned, and nicely shaped Maria’s legs look good from every view. With Maria, that’s just the beginning. Move upward to enjoy an incredibly tight, shapely ass, ultra flat stomach, and small round perky breasts. Need more? Imagine how soft Maria’s long, silky black hair would feel running through your fingers. Then there’s that famous Maria smile and twinkle in her eyes. With Maria, it’s hard to stop!

Maria – Pink Teddy

Maria has always had a playful streak. Sometimes it takes a lighthearted scene like “Pink Teddy” to bring out her sexy, fun loving, carefree side. As you can see, Maria hasn’t lost her youthful energy a bit…and her body just gets better and better. After all these years, Maria’s still one of the freshest looking, free spirited girls you’re likely to find. That’s one reason she consistently remains one of MPL’s best performing and most updated models.

Maria – Russian Beauty

What is it about Russian models that sets them apart from the rest of the world? It’s not just their physical appearance. Although Russian models are stunning creatures, gorgeous girls are found in all countries and in all cultures. What makes them unique is their fresh, youthful energy, romantic charm, and uninhibited view toward sensuality and sexuality. If you’re a lover of young woman, that’s a powerful combination!

Maria – Senorita

Although not her usual surroundings, this location off the coast of Spain offered Maria plenty of opportunities to relax and soak up the sun in between photo shoots. What’s even more surprising about seeing Maria here was having Alexander Fedorov accompany her. This trip in late 2010 was the first time and only time he has ventured outside the borders of mother Russia his entire life.

Maria – Warm Welcome

Maria has always brought a fresh, energetic vibe to her photo shoots. Her recent trip to Spain seemed especially liberating for her. There’s something about traveling to a warm, coastal climate that just makes you feel good. In Maria’s case, feeling good means looking good…especially sprawled out fully nude or playing in the water as the surf crashes in front of her.