Marta – Bike Babe

Crimea’s hilly, mountainous terrain is covered with roads and single track that criss cross the peninsula. Chances are if you went mountain biking with Marta you would have a hard time keeping your eyes on the trail. Marta, a dedicated bike rider and all around babe, came up with the idea of using one of her favorite toys, her bike, in her latest photo shoot.

Marta – Flowers in the Field

Sunflowers are an iconic image of summer . By late July, their full blooms are bursting with bright vibrant color. Similar can be said for the fresh young beauties gracing the pages of MPL; all are healthy vibrant, colorful girls flourishing in the warm rays of summer. Each season arrives with a few new flowers in the field. Marta is certainly one of them. Even amidst such surrounding beauty, how could you miss her?

Marta – Summer Surprise

Marta has been one of this summer’s biggest surprises. In a short amount of time she has completely devoted herself to her latest challenge: nude modeling. Marta’s sleek slender look photographs beautifully in and out of clothes. Her latest series demonstrates just how versatile Marta can be…and how stunningly captivating she is.

Marta – Testing the Waters

How important is context in nude photography? It depends on the series and the model. If it’s relevant to understanding and enjoying the series more, we like to provide context to introduce the series. Speaking of introductions, Marta is a Ukrainian fashion model testing the waters of series-style nude posing for the first time. Although feeling fully exposed and completely out of her element, Marta did surprisingly well, relaxing more and more as the day wore on.