Masha – Calla Lily

The calla lily is known for its majestic beauty. Masha’s beauty is known for it’s power to captivate our imagination. From her late teens into her early twenties, Masha has literally grown up in front of the camera. Her aura is driven by her dazzling smile and sparkling blue eyes. Masha remains unique personality in a country of extremely beautiful and spirited girls.

Masha – Postcard from St. Petersburg

There’s physical beauty. There’s inner beauty. It is rare to find a girl who not only possess both, but can express herself with such happiness and enthusiasm. Masha’s extensive collection of exclusive MPL work is a true celebration of life…and it shows in all the right ways.

Masha’s smile is one of her most endearing qualities. So is her free spirited, live and let live attitude. Posing in public is still something that makes Masha both nervous and excited. Masha doesn’t just love modeling. She loves life!