Michelle – Popovka

Popovka is home to some of Crimeas cleanest, longest, and sandiest beaches. A popular spot for wind surfers and sun worshipers alike, Popovka is also home to KaZantip, one of the strangest, quirkiest, and liveliest techno music festivals in the world, also billed as “The Woodstock of the East”. Popovka is also the location of Michelle’s latest series from sunny Crimea.

Michelle – Beached 2

There’s nothing like summer at the beach to bring out a girls playful, sensual side. To capture that feeling we’ve found the perfect girl. Meet Michelle, a fit and trim 22 year old Russian beauty. Where has this young goddess been hiding all this time? She’s here now, so let’s get acquainted!

Fresh air, gentle breezes, and healthy, beautiful girls are a winning combination every time. Beach 2 completes the catamaran shoot with a sequence of full body shots showcasing Michelle’s taught, streamlined physique.