Mika – Duality

Although MPL has done many mirror sets over the years, each has its own unique charm. Mirrors come in all shapes and sizes…and so do girls who pose with them. There’s something satisfyingly voyeuristic about watching a nude girl watch herself in the mirror. From behind, you’re treated to captivating views and multiple perspectives not possible without the help of reflection.

Mika – Hiding in the Grass

For her first MPL shoot, Mika showed up 30 minutes early. That’s how eager she was to get things started. Now that she’s arrived, we hope she’ll settle in and get comfortable. From the looks of things, Mika brings plenty of sensual treasures to be shared in the house of MPL.

Situated at the headwaters of the Neva river on the southern shore of Lake Ladoga, this location features Mika posed somewhat secretively, somewhat seductively in the tall grass overlooking Oreshek, a 14th century fortress outside of St. Petersburg.