Nata – Grains of Sand

There are certain images in nude art as timeless as a grain of sand. There are certain MPL models whose contributions to the world of nude photography seem larger than life, even mythical. In the realm of top models, Nata has certainly earned her accolades for not only having a beautiful body, but for also being a beautiful person.

Nata – Shelter Cove

When it comes to class, beauty, and elegance, Nata is Studio Girl royalty. She made her internet debut at MPL in 2004 as an unknown eighteen year old Russian from St. Petersburg. She continues to leave a lasting impression by creating some of the most pleasant and cheerful examples of nude art to be found. And like all of our top models, Nata’s largest and most creative collection of work is found here at MPL Studios.

Nata – The Deckhand

Nata is one of those girls who always makes you feel good no matter what kind of mood your in. There’s a certain class and elegance about her that’s beyond her years, and yet Nata remains casual and completely down to earth. With a drop dead gorgeous body and friendly, engaging personality, it’s no surprise Nata is one of MPL’s most loved models.

In the summer and fall when Alexander Fedorov isn’t photographing girls, you may find him sailing his friend’s boat around Lake Ladoga. How will you know if you see him? Just take a look at the crew. This time it’s Nata. You can’t miss her!