Olivia – Soft & Sweet

Olivia’s sweet, gentle nature has always been a major turn on…that and her soft, flowing curves. Good girls, of course, have fantasies too. For Olivia, erotic posing has been her fantasy come to life. Olivia loves to interact with the camera and she’s surprisingly not shy about it either. It’s that openness that adds an extra helping of sexiness to her posing. Olivia is not only soft and sweet, but sexual too. In nude erotic art, that’s a potent combination.

Olivia – Against the Wall

In series photography, the model has so much to do with how well a series flows from start to finish. That’s one reason we pick the kind of girls we do. Expressive, animated girls like Olivia give a set its energy, it’s charm, and its personality. Add all that to the nude element and you get a meaningful series of personal, intimate photos you can connect with.

Olivia – Porcelain Doll

Olivia is a doe-eyed beauty with flawless, porcelain smooth skin and a passion for life. She considers herself a down to earth romantic. In other words, she likes to be pampered a little, but is also easy to please. Can you imagine the fun you would have with Olivia in the privacy of your bedroom? Come to think of it, she’s waiting for you now!