Sarah – Fashion in the Nude

Is nude style fashionable? In Sarah’s case, the answer is Yes! The long legged MPL legend has knack for both style and fashion when wearing something as sheer and flowy as this see thru top or even when wearing nothing at all. It’s not what Sarah wears that gets your attention though. It’s how she wears it. Now that’s a girl with incredible style!

Sarah – Sweet & Sexy

A tall, beautiful, flirtatious girl definitely doesn’t need to be explicit to be sexy. Often times, sexy can be suggestive and alluring, even playful, without having explicate overtones. Those who haven’t become acquainted with Sarah’s sweet and sexy style, and we can’t imagine many who haven’t, you’re invited to take a long, satisfying look at one of MPL’s sexiest girls.

Sarah – Pure Sarah

Sarah’s fresh, wholesome look is unmistakably an MPL look. She began her photo modeling career here, thanks to the persistence of a friend who suggested she give nude modeling a try. That friend happened to be MPL’s Anya. Over the years, Sarah has maintained her gorgeous slender figure and grown into a stunning young woman…all without losing that vibrant, wholesome look that’s as rare in girls her age as it is desirable.