Sarah – Near & Dear

Being a nude model, Sarah hasn’t had many opportunities to model in clothes. As you can see, she looks wonderful in them. Sarah’s tall, slender figure makes photographing her a joy whether posing in clothes at the start of a set or when partially clothed leading into her nude scene. Clothing also adds just enough realism to make Sarah more personal and down to earth to her fans. Experience pure Sarah goodness. There is nobody like her!

Sarah – The Green Room

As you step toward the Green Room you are greeted by a blond maiden of incredible beauty. Her loose fitting black dress falls from her shoulder, revealing small up-swept breasts of sublime shape and proportion. Soon her dress falls to the floor as she moves from the doorway to the couch. Fully nude, Sarah stands before you, not a work is spoken. The door closes behind you. Now you are alone…and she’s all yours.

Sarah – Lovable!

Sarah has the perfect mix of youthful, girlish beauty and calm, womanly elegance. Balanced together, she can tease and titillate her fans to utter delight. With Sarah, it’s not just her physical beauty that captures your attention, although watching her a skin tight tank top and skimpy panties is a pleasant distraction. Sarah is a feel-good model. Her relaxed elegance in front of the camera and pleasant, lovable persona are also trademark Sarah qualities not to be missed.

Sarah – Extra Special

Sarah’s back! Rested and rejuvenated after spending the last two months in Thailand, Sarah returns to MPL Studios looking better than ever. This is Sarah’s first photo shoot in over 1 1/2 years. She made her internet debut here in 2007 and later went on to become an MPL icon Welcome back to one of our all time favorite girls. It’s 2011 and we’re still crazy about Sarah!

Sarah – Long Way Around

Sarah made her internet modeling debut at MPL Studios in 2007. Back then, it didn’t take long for her to blossom into one of our most loved models. Sarah, Anya, Camille, and Monika all came from what was then an undiscovered Russian oasis of fresh, beautiful models…all anxious to make their internet debuts. Long Way Around marks Sarah’s 50th MPL update. She’s featured today in a set held back from her very first photo shoot. Sarah: you have come a long way, baby!

Sarah – Sarah’s Beach

Sara’s tall, ultra slim body allows her to be seductively photographed anywhere in any light. Height is just one of her many eye-catching features. Sarah’s also blessed with incredible nipples. They seem to jump out and greet you from every view. Like so many Studio Girls, Sara’s face is maybe what captivates the most. Her big blue eyes, full round lips, and relaxed friendly smile compliment her naked beauty wonderfully.

Exotic, beautiful, and sensual beyond belief, Sarah has a way of making fantasy come to life. Sarah, longtime MPL favorite, has always loved the sea. She grew up around water. Join her today on her own private beach. Take a swim together in the surf. Lay in sand warmed by the late day sun. We guarantee this will be one Sarah fantasy you will never want to end.