Sasha – Tender Attraction

There’s something to be said for a healthy, wholesome beauty that also holds an erotic edge, no tattoos, no piercings, just simple unpretentious beauty. Sasha’s body has perfect proportions. There’s nothing awkward or overstated about it. With her friendly blue eyes and taught slender build, Sasha can be as simple or complex as you want her to be.

Sasha – Wild Russia 2

From rare Siberian leopards to stunning Amur tigers, the rich diversity of wildlife that is the spectacle of Russia’s Far East is unlike any other place in the world. Russia’s wild beauty is both natural and beautiful, graceful and powerful. It is against this backdrop we feature a uniquely delicate form of wild Russian beauty: the incomparable Sasha.

Sasha – This Side of Paradise

This side of paradise you’ll find what one longtime MPL member described as the “good girls” of nude art, an elite force of MPL models whose beauty lies not just in how they look and pose, but in how deeply they connect with you. Sasha is definitely one of those select girls whose contributions over the years have made her a much loved MPL icon.