Martina – Fireball

There are plenty reasons why girls choose to become nude models. It’s fun. It’s challenging. It’s exciting. It requires no previous experience. If that’s not enough, You get paid! There are even some girls who do it on a dare. This impulsive, free-spirited attitude keeps us on our toes. It also yields very pleasant results sometimes. Introducing Martina!

There’s always a place at MPL Studios for fresh, spirited girls ready to bare all for our curious, discerning members. Not all girls will make a career out of showing off their naked bodies, but many happily test the waters. Some will try it once or twice; others will tantalize us with memorable poses for years to come. It’s too soon to say what lies in store for new model Martina. Tonight, she’s definitely basking in the glow of a late day sun.

Chloe – Draped in Satin

Chloe has great range for a nude model. She can size up a scene and orchestrate a mood to compliment her surroundings perfectly. That “mood” can be anywhere from an explicitly sexual indoor scene to the peaceful tranquility of an outdoor scene. Variety in erotic posing is the spice of life.

To fun-loving Chloe, having a good time comes easy. It’s what keeps her series fresh and easy to connect with. Her latest series is essentially Chloe: soft, satiny smooth, a little bit cheeky, and a whole lot sexy.

Maria – Parallel Universe

Loveable Maria continues to experiment by finding sexy new ways of expressing herself on camera. That’s how she keep things fresh and interesting for her fans. Maria’s longtime contribution to MPL Studios continues to find her new admirers each year…and for good reason. Maria’s hotter than ever!

An acrobatic ballet of light and color draws you into this unique, beautiful world of nude female beauty. Are you witnessing a virginal offering? A resurrection? A symbolic view of restraint? Which frames capture your imagination most? No matter what your decide, Maria and Fedorov are amazing together in this wonderfully executed dramatic series.

Lidija – Tempting Beauty

As a new model, Lidija already has a lot going for her. She’s young, naturally beautiful, and has the perfect balance of innocence and eroticism. If that’s not enough, she loves to model! Welcome Lidija!

Temptation can take many forms in life, but temptation of the feminine kind has been a weakness of men throughout the ages. Not to worry, Lidija’s temptations here are harmless fantasy, but her fresh, natural beauty and sensual allure are completely real…so watch out!

Tess – Till the Morning Comes

Tess is a perky 20 year old, blue-eyed blond from Crimea. You may find her posing seductively in bed or out in the rolling green hills of the Ukrainian countryside. Indoors or outdoors, Tess’ photos provide a pleasing mix of sensual and erotic flavors…perfect to savor at the end of a long day.

No Tess series would be complete without seeing her dazzling smile. The perky, petite blond thrives on being the center of attention. Posing naked on a bed, Tess is all too happy to fill your mind with pleasurable thoughts and sweet dreams until morning!

Katia – Amusement Park

With a petite, slender body and large natural breasts, Katia is a girl who quickly gets noticed walking along the beach. For her first shooting, we picked a place close to the crowds, but without any of the distractions. This beach of weathered limestone boulders gave Katia all the privacy she needed to quickly relax and get comfortable. As we all know, getting comfortable can be a beautiful thing!

If your still not sure what to think about Katia you’re probably not alone. She’s not an easy girl to figure out. In three shootings she’s shown up with three different personalities. Katia’s body, however, speaks for itself. It’s an amusement park of erotic possibilities!

Alla – Spinning Wheel 2

At nineteen, Alla already shows incredible poise and beauty for her age. Her soulful, emotive style is nicely balanced by occasional coy, flirtatious looks to the camera. Alla’s long, slender body is comfortable in any style or any pose she puts it in. Alla loves what she does…and she hopes you do to!

Alla is one of Russia’s most sensual models. She’s also one of its most hard working and gifted. Alla has incredible presence in front of the camera. In Spinning Wheel 2, she effortlessly combines the serene and the sexual in just the right proportions. What you get is a sublime feeling that Alla is there, offering herself for you and only you. All you have to do is imagine and she’s yours…