Lidija – Bodyscape: Droplets

Model: Lidija

Lidija - Bodyscape: Droplets

Alexander Fedorov’s interest in sensual, erotic art borders on obsession. To help feed his obsession, the Bodyscape series was created.

Elena – Close To You

Model: Elena

Elena - Close To You

Elena’s friendly, girl next door charm might just remind you of a girl down street you grew up with or a college sweetheart you once studied with. She has that feel-good affect on people.

Lidija – Face of an Angel 2

Model: Lidija

Lidija - Face of an Angel 2

Angelic? Yes. Completely innocent? Don’t be too sure. There’s a playfully erotic side to this little angel that shouldn’t be ignored.

Alla – Wired

Model: Alla

Alla - Wired

Alla is the kind of model who can comfortably fit into just about any scene. That diversity is especially intriguing to Alexander Fedorov. His latest visual exploration juxtaposes the gentle flowing curves of Alla’s body with the geometric constraints of a wire mesh.

Asha – Lighter Than Air

Model: Asha

Asha - Lighter Than Air

Asha’s ballerina-like grace is fully featured in her latest series. This pictorial beautifully captures the long graceful curves unique to tall slender girls while at the same time allowing Asha’s personal style the chance to shine.

Oxana – Hospitality

Model: Oxana

Oxana - Hospitality

When you’re welcomed into Oxana’s world you’re greeted with erotic offerings the moment you step in the door!

Sasha – River’s Edge

Model: Sasha

Sasha - River's Edge

Sasha is another stellar model who first got her start at MPL and has continued to stay close her entire modeling career. Longtime members have seen her blossom into the young woman she is today. Sasha’s flawless, trim body has both pleasing curves and sleek, slender features from every view. As always, Sasha’s dreamy eyes are dazzling.

Elena – Bubble Magic

Model: Elena

Elena - Bubble Magic

Cute, innocent looking girls have a special appeal in nude photography. Elena offers simple, pure beauty in an appealing, uncomplicated style

Sarah – Happy Ending

Model: Sarah

Sarah - Happy Ending

Sensual Sarah alone in the bedroom? She clearly needs company. It’s one of those fairy tale moments that’s bound to have a happy ending. The only thing missing is you!

Katsia – Have Some Fun

Model: Katsia

Katsia - Have Some Fun

Having a good time while she works is the first order of business when Katsia steps in front of the camera. Not that modeling is all fun and games. Katsia is also extremely focused. Can you tell?