Ira – Elixir

Model: Ira

A dancer’s body is a work of art: it is statuesque, feminine, emotive, and all together beautiful.

Maria – Intergalactic

Model: Maria

In the realm pure sensuality and good, clean fun Maria is simply out of this world

Ilona – Beginning

Model: Ilona

Is new model Ilona too stoic for MPL? What do MPL member’s think? Cast your vote and help us decide!

Kara – Summer Jubilee

Model: Kara

Having fun in the sun is just one benefit nude modeling brings to Kara. The other is the special appreciation she feels posing outdoors

Jenna – Naked in the Forest

Model: Jenna

In the secluded privacy of this wooded scene, Jenna quickly leaves her inhibitions behind revealing her budding feminine beauty.

Ira – Prima

Model: Ira

A ballerina combines strength and beauty like no other. It’s rare to find a professional ballerina willing to pose nude. Now you’re in luck. We have finally found one ready to share her special gift. Meet Ira!

Tara – Sandy Bits

Model: Tara

She’s spunky, sexy, and always looking for a good time. Tara brings her good vibrations to the beach for a fun-in-the-sun good time.

Elisa – Kissed by the Sun

Model: Elisa

Even with storm clouds gathering overhead, the sun managed to pop out just long enough to shine on Elisa.

Raisa – Blue Bath

Model: Raisa

It’s a simple ritual with a certain voyeuristic appeal: a young woman taking a bath. In this case, Raisa is ready and waiting for someone to to hole that shower wand in just the right place!

Chelsea – Cosmopolitan

Model: Chelsea

Chelsea, like most nude models, has a great sense of how her body looks from every angle. Clothing adds a personal touch to her work. It makes her seem more real and down to earth while at the same time encouraging your sexual fantasies to take off.