Emily – Feline

Model: Emily

Emily - Feline

Arianna – Perfect Curves

Model: Arianna

Arianna - Perfect Curves

Kalena – Modern Girl

Model: Kalena

Kalena - Modern Girl

Maria – Sweet Destiny

Model: Maria

Maria - Sweet Destiny

Maria’a love for modeling and self expression has resulted in a body of work any model would be proud of. How does Maria keep it fresh and interesting for herself? She works with a gifted photographer in Alexander Fedorov. He keeps Maria challenged and on her toes. Fedorov “discovered” Maria by first working with her sister, Paulina. She introduced him to her and the rest is history.Their latest endeavor is Sweet Destiny.

Bianca – Bedazzled 2

Model: Bianca

Bianca - Bedazzled 2

Bianca has never been one to take life laying down, unless of course she’s tempting you with one of her tantalizing erotic poses. This regal Ukrainian beauty has no plans to slow down either. Bianca keeps a full modeling schedule year round!

Lidija – Bodyscape: Droplets

Model: Lidija

Lidija - Bodyscape: Droplets

Alexander Fedorov’s interest in sensual, erotic art borders on obsession. To help feed his obsession, the Bodyscape series was created.

Elena – Close To You

Model: Elena

Elena - Close To You

Elena’s friendly, girl next door charm might just remind you of a girl down street you grew up with or a college sweetheart you once studied with. She has that feel-good affect on people.

Lidija – Face of an Angel 2

Model: Lidija

Lidija - Face of an Angel 2

Angelic? Yes. Completely innocent? Don’t be too sure. There’s a playfully erotic side to this little angel that shouldn’t be ignored.

Alla – Wired

Model: Alla

Alla - Wired

Alla is the kind of model who can comfortably fit into just about any scene. That diversity is especially intriguing to Alexander Fedorov. His latest visual exploration juxtaposes the gentle flowing curves of Alla’s body with the geometric constraints of a wire mesh.

Asha – Lighter Than Air

Model: Asha

Asha - Lighter Than Air

Asha’s ballerina-like grace is fully featured in her latest series. This pictorial beautifully captures the long graceful curves unique to tall slender girls while at the same time allowing Asha’s personal style the chance to shine.