Alisa & Karine – The Intern

Alisa and Karine’s 4th photo scene together takes place in a narrow pass-through leading to a small office area. This is no ordinary workplace, however. Sitting at the desk, Karine anxiously waits for her assistant to arrive. In this office, an intern performs a variety of duties, none more pleasurable than the intimate encounter both are about to experience together.

Alla & Lidija – Friends

“Ahem, are we interrupting something here?” Nude models who also happen to be friends bring a natural, sexy sort of intimacy when photographed together. Not all girls have this kind of chemistry when sharing a scene, but friends usually do. Remember Lika and Ellie, Vika and Maria, Maria and Kamilla, Alisa and Karine? Nata & Alisa? Alla and Lidija continue the MPL tradition that good friends make great posing partners!

Alla & Lidija – Two Flames

Intimacy and sensuality are the underlying themes in MPL’s latest two girl series. The living room scene features two MPL models who are real life friends and travel partners. Both Alla and Lidija live in the same distant city and often travel by train together when modeling jobs take them to Moscow and St. Petersburg. We knew they were used to close quarters on the train, but didn’t suspect they have ever been this close…until now!