Kara – Wonderful World

Model: Kara

Kara showed up for her first photo shoot with a tight, lean body, great legs, small firm breasts, and a great looking ass. If that’s not enough, it’s also a beautiful sunny day outside, filling the studio with bright, cheerful light.

Iveta – Different Strokes

Model: Iveta

The internet modeling scene in Russia and Ukraine is dominated by independently motivated girls freelancing their talents in front of the camera. Some sign contracts to work exclusively with one photographer or agent. Others network themselves independently. That’s one reason you find such variety among girls, posing styles, and personalities…at least that is the goal. Think of nude models as artists of self expression. No two are ever alike!

Mischa – Rio Verde

Model: Mischa

Cool flowing water, soft flowing hair, a tall slender girl, and some of the best tits on planet green. That could only mean one thing. Mischa’s back!

Iveta – Wild Nature

Model: Iveta

If Iveta has her way, things might get a little wild around here. Be warned: Iveta looks passive now, but she’s soon to purr and ready to pounce!

Alissa – Satisfy Me

Model: Alissa

Sultry, sensual, and deliciously erotic, Alissa is fully prepared to use her powers of seduction to their fullest!

Sasha – Tender Attraction

Model: Sasha

There’s something to be said for a healthy, wholesome beauty that also holds an erotic edge, no tattoos, no piercings, just simple unpretentious beauty. Sasha’s body has perfect proportions. There’s nothing awkward or overstated about it. With her friendly blue eyes and taught slender build, Sasha can be as simple or complex as you want her to be.

Alise – Game On

Model: Alise

Alise definitely has game and she’s definitely come to play, so let’s get started! Welcome to MPL’s newest Studio Girl.

Sarah – Gentle Soul

Model: Sarah

Sarah’s a tall, feminine girl with a heart of gold. Her latest series has all the relaxed, intimate contact you expect from Sarah. As she emerges from the bathroom, what little she is wearing quickly disappears. What’s left standing in front of you is stunning. It’s hard to believe a girl this beautiful could be so down to earth.

Mika – South Shore

Model: Mika

he shipping lanes aren’t the only thing open on Ladoga’s south shore today. From the beach, Mika helps guide the big ships into the headwaters of the Neva, upstream from St. Petersburg.

Camille’s Collectors Cut: 7

Model: Camille

With the face of an angel and the body of a young goddess, Camille will be missed. Her modeling career was regrettably much too short. Camille’s Collector’s Cut Series adds new digital gems to her portfolio, gems that didn’t make it into her originally published sets.