Monika – Indie

Driven by the urge to work, create, and earn independently from the commercial world, nude models and their photographers are truly unique. We celebrate that spirit of independence each day. Today’s update features Monika in a Jan Svend series that starts typically, but as Monika moves toward the window and looks at herself in the mirror, the mood of the photos shift. Do you think this stylistic change was intentional or purely accidental?

Talia – Enchanting

Intimacy at MPL can take on many forms. Eyes that captivate are certainly one of the them. Talia’s eyes are enchanting in a young, hopeful, exuberant sort of way. They are the kind of eyes that sparkle when she smiles, eyes that quietly and innocently invite you into bed, eyes that intently want to know what lies ahead. Talia is one of those rare new models that makes you wonder: where has she been hiding all this time and when will I see her again?

Monika – Romancing the Light

Monika has been featured many ways over the years, but never has she been presented in such emotive, natural light. That is, until now. The effect is stunning. Photographed at 1600 ISO, this series has depth, texture, realism, romance, and beauty all combined into one sensual package. You can feel the warmth of the cup in Monika’s hands and the softness of her lips as the heat of her naked body warms the room all around her.