Lera – Spice of Life

Girls like Lera are especially interesting to get to know and work with. Lera’s not a model in the traditional sense, so what you see in her portfolio are poses and positions she’s never been photographed in before. That adds excitement and intensity on both sides of the camera. Lera’s a complex girl. There are times when she’s feeling sexual and wants to express it. There are other times she’s feeling more introspective and withdrawn. Often, you get some of both. Whatever Lera’s feeling, her experimentation is our gain. Lera’s body is always a pleasure for the senses.

Lera – Born to Run

Lera’s edgy, intense, mysterious, and aloof. She’s also one of the most entertaining and expressive models to watch. It’s not easy to inject drama into the realm of series-based photography, but Lera somehow has figured something out along the way. It doesn’t matter what the medium is, Lera likes to perform…and we like to see where she’s going, and try to keep up.

Lera – The Silent Type

Lera likes not knowing what her scene will be when she shows up for a photo shoot. That sort of unpredictability is what she lives for. It keeps her poses as spontaneous as possible, depending on the mood of the moment. During Lera’s shoot, Fedorov gently guides her along trying to encourage her creative spirit…and occasionally, as in this scene, he’ll throw the model a curve, introducing a prop he knows will be challenging or quirky. For example, a headless male torso.

Lera – Worlds Apart

Lera answers to her own calling. When she decided to stretch her creative limits by adding nude modeling to her list of “performing arts” she had no idea how it would turn out. “Experimental” is a good way to describe Lera’s approach. Her work in front of the camera is characterized by intense focus and interesting, sometimes offbeat posing.

Lera – Rebel

Lera is rebellious by nature. There’s a sense of defiance that creeps into her poses when she works in front of the camera. The resulting style is hard to categorize. It’s a little bit playful, a little bit pensive, and a little bit coy all at the same time. Such complexities make Lera one of the more challenging models to get to know, but also one of the most rewarding.

Lera – Art of the Dance 2

New models who add fun, colorful elements to their posing are sure to get noticed. It’s also a good sign you’re watching true beauty in the works. Lera’s ability to be both animated and spontaneous is a sign of many good things to come.

With Lera, intensity often accompanies creativity. Art of the Dance highlights Lera’s fluid, expressive style as a dancer, a performer, and as nude model…all in one series!