Valentina – Dance Fever

Valentina - Dance Fever

Valentina isn’t the first MPL model to put her dance skills to work in the realm of nude erotic posing…but she’s one of the most frank and open. Who are some of the other MPL girls who also like to get their dance groove on while posing in the buff? Julia, Mishel, Joceline, Angelie, Liala, Karina, and Lera!

Valentina – Presenting…

Being an exotic dancer, Valentina is used to dark clubs and loud music while she works. Posing outdoors in the open air and bright sun was a completely new experience for her…and a little more challenging than she thought. As a dancer, Valentina loves movement, so naturally she felt making a video would be especially fun for her. Look for Valentina’s video debut on her next update!

Valentina – The Rock Pile

Dancers have their own dramatic way of doing things. And, at the end of their set, they just might take a bow. Dancers also know their bodies extremely well, gracefully holding poses with complete control. For Valentina, modeling is a natural extension of her life as a dancer. Adding a little erotic spice to her poses makes it that much more fun for her. Join Valentina on the rocks for her debut series.